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Verifone Enables Google Wallet at Major Retailers Coast to Coast

  • Google Wallet: Google
  • Business Focus: Large Retailers
  • Headquarters: Mountain View, California

"Verifone's extensive retail experience and leading technology solutions were an important factor in getting Google Wallet deployed at top-tier retailers across the United States."

- Spencer Spinnell
Director, Emerging Platforms
Google, Inc.

Google Wallet

Verifone Enables Google Wallet at Major Retailers Coast to Coast

Verifone Enables Google Wallet at Major Retailers Coast to Coast

As Google prepared to launch Google Wallet, it sought to enable merchant acceptance of NFC-based payments, offers and loyalty by working with the global payment systems leader: Verifone.


Google Wallet revolutionizes consumers' payments. It enables consumers to store their payment cards, offers and loyalty cards, on their NFC-enabled Android smartphones. And with SingleTap™ technology, consumers can transfer all that information to merchant systems at checkout. But to assure widespread acceptance of the solution, millions of checkout lanes have to be enabled with Google Wallet acceptance. The challenge was enormous because many merchants did not yet accept payments via NFC, and none accepted offers and loyalty. To complicate further, there were no established interface specs for mobile offers, loyalty and mobile coupons in merchant systems - a key value for consumers and merchants.


Verifone - the global leader in electronic payments and leading provider of NFC solutions - responded to the NFC Mobile Commerce revolution with a complete suite of tools for NFC mobile acceptance.

Widest Range of NfC Platforms

Verifone provides the broadest line of NFC capable payment devices - from countertop solutions and PIN pads to portable and mobile options. In addition, almost every model in Verifone's MX 800 and MX 900 Series of modular, consumer-facing multimedia devices, targeted to large Tier 1 retailers, can be enabled with a simple NFC add-on without having to invest in new devices.

Flexible Software

In merchants that already had NFC-enabled devices, an app enabling acceptance of Google Offers and loyalty via Google Wallet had to be added to thousands of checkout lanes in stores across the country. Verifone's flexible NFC App Manager firmware architecture allowed the new acceptance app to be remotely added without affecting any of the other acceptance apps and therefore, not requiring recertification of the entire system.

Seamless Integration

Once a retailer had proper hardware and software platforms, the final hurdle was to allow the advanced Google Offers, mobile coupons and loyalty to be understood by retailer systems. These brand-new, valueadded mobile applications had no established interface standards for retailers. Verifone developed the PAYDOCX interface specs to allow value-added mobile applications to be understood by retailer systems and flow seamlessly, all the way back to their host.