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Extending the Self-Service Revolution
White Paper

A new generation of secure, interactive payment devices is set to revolutionise the payments landscape. Convenient, safe and easy to use, they offer vendors new ways to engage and extend services to modern techno-savvy consumers.

Extended Service Benefits of Unattended, Kiosk and Self-service Payment

Retailers report that unattended and self-service options are being embraced enthusiastically by all customer segments, and demographics – from the elderly to younger and more IT-literature customers. The trend isn’t just limited to low-value payment transactions; high value goods such as mobile phones and MP3 players are also being successfully sold through vending machines.


Following the roll-out of EMV cards in Europe, many businesses are now tapping into unattended payment to deliver enhanced 24/7 service in response to the demands of today’s increasingly sophisticated consumer. Unattended payment technologies enable enhanced operational efficiencies, and make service delivery possible 24x7 in environments that were previously uneconomic or impractical.

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