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Hotel and Resort POS

A Secure Payment Infrastructure for Hotel and Lodging Venues

Convenience and Security for Every Transaction on Your Properties

The level of service you provide defines your guests' experience. We can relate to that.

As the number and type of transactions increases, so does concern over security, accuracy and efficiency. Our solutions enable safe and efficient management of varied touch points throughout your facility. From spa services to room service, poolside, beachside or even at the lounge, your guests will enjoy quick, efficient, and secure payment. Your operations team can eliminate the time and potential errors involved with reconciling paper slips for out-of-room services.

  • Full NFC and chip and PIN (EMV) support
  • Enhanced customer experience including loyalty programs
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Mobile solutions go where your guests are


What's important to your guests is what's important to you. That's why our hotel POS solutions ensure convenience, security, and efficiency. So you can stay focused guests' experience, not on your payment systems.

Verifone's hospitality solutions enable you to provide several PCI-compliant payment alternatives anywhere on your property. Additionally, several all-inclusive managed service packages help to cost-effectively meet next-generation payment and security requirements. This also reduces PCI compliance costs and maintenance.


Enhance Purchase Opportunities

Increase transaction volume by adding contactless or NFC payment options poolside, in your hotel lobby, patio and gift shop, or for room service and restaurant dining. Your guests get increased convenience; you get increased transactions.

Improve Security with Less On-Premise Cash

Decreasing or eliminating the money carried by your clerks, servers and others reduces concerns about balancing cash drawers, theft, safety of personnel and guests, and other risk-management issues.

Reduce PCI DSS Compliance Burden

Effectively eliminate cardholder data from your enterprise with the most advanced cardholder data security protection. VeriShield Total Protect is the payment industry's most complete and secure end-to-end security offering.

Streamline Operations and Efficiency

Securely accept multiple forms of payment at compact, unattended kiosks for routine transactions such as hotel check out. Streamline your operational logistics and reduce your guests’ wait times.

Improve Guest/Personnel Interactions

Free your personnel to make the most of their face time with your guests, providing enhanced operational efficiency and maximum customer experience.

Enhance Loyalty Programs

Maximize guests’ ability to earn and redeem rewards across your resort properties and their many POS opportunities.