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Empowering the Mobile Payment Revolution

Verifone e335

Advance Your POS Technology. Maximize Your Customer Experiences.

Tablets are the new wave of smart devices that have revolutionized the payment experience for businesses. The Verifone e335 pairs with the Apple® iPad® mini to create a bold, leading-edge POS anywhere a sales associate interacts with a customer. This device features a built-in PIN pad and 2D laser barcode imager. Retailers can take advantage of the extended battery life and use this device for up to 12 hours. Process any kind of payment—mag-stripe, NFC/contactless, EMV chip and PIN —fast with the high-speed Apple Lightning™ connector.

Customized applications are supported through the Verifone Mobile Framework. Verifone also offers mobile retail software to complement the e335 solution that can make your sales associates more efficient and create better shopping experiences.

Key Benefits

Fast Transaction Processing

The Apple Lightning connector enables high-speed transaction processing of all payment types—mag-stripe, NFC/contactless and EMV chip and PIN.

Flexible Mobility

Interact with customers wherever they may be to check color options and product features, confirm pricing with the 2D bar code imager or closing the sale on the spot.

Save Time, Save Money

Provide better experiences by accepting payments anywhere and emailing the receipt, thus reducing paperwork and expense.

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