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Card Acceptance for High-Volume Retailers

PAYware Merchant

PAYware Merchant is ideal for multi-channel retailers that need a fast, secure and reliable transaction authorization and settlement solution to accept card payments.

PAYware Merchant accepts all major card schemes and supports the latest fraud prevention initiatives. Designed with industry best practices for data security to guard against fraud and helps protect the brand reputation of retailers and increase consumer confidence.

Seamlessly integrated with point-of-sale and back office business systems, a single PAYware Merchant server is capable of authorizing thousands of transactions per minute. PAYware Merchant is fully scalable to grow with business needs – whether part of an integrated POS system within a single site or as a centralized solution supporting multiple locations and business channels. It offers advanced features such as multi-merchant, multi-acquirer and multi-currency processing capabilities.

Reliable and Resilient

PAYware Merchant provides rapid payment processing that can be tightly integrated with any front-end POS system and is proven to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Easily scalable to meet any business need, PAYware Merchant supports high volume, concurrent processing, and is resilient enough to ensure business continuity as well as timely and reliable payment processing for an entire enterprise, saving merchants processing fees.

Reporting and Tracking

PAYware Merchant's sophisticated, graphical user interface provides easy access to comprehensive reporting, transaction search, data entry, system configuration, and user management functions. Its detailed log file management system provides a comprehensive audit trail.

Managed Service

Based on the successful PAYware Merchant solution, the managed service has been designed specifically for large, multi-channel retailers who want to reduce their PCI compliance scope by outsourcing their card processing and who also require a hosted service that can be customised to meet their exact requirements.