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Estate Management

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Verifone Estate Management

Verifone’s powerful and extensive estate management solutions transform estate challenges into dynamic, multi-faceted opportunities.

Giving retailers everything they need in one robust solution. With Verifone retailers now have a way to simplify complex device operations and reduce overall support costs, all while easily integrating into their current environment. Only Verifone provides so much modular functionality in one easy-to-use solution.

Verifone’s software solutions for estate management make deploying, managing and optimizing the performance of your payment devices easy and cost-effective. They allow for remote access and provide real-time operations and performance data to help lower costs, make more informed business decisions, and increase ROI.

Device Management

Organize, manage, and monitor thousands of devices no matter what the size or location. Easily deploy new technology like alternative payments, including mobile wallets, or on-screen promotional messaging.


Diagnose and resolve issues remotely to avoid costly downtime and service calls. Customize alerts, perform unattended tests on devices in question, and receive timely results for faster problem remediation. With Diagnostics, you can correct minor issues before they become major problems.