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POS System Interface

Flexible and Scalable for Payment Acceptance

PAYware Link

PAYware Link is a single POS system interface for payment acceptance, which typically resides between your point of sale software/payment device and your payment authorisation system, and is flexible and scalable enough to operate on a POS server, back office, regional, or enterprise level. 

This innovative software removes the complexity of payment integration and simplifies industry security and certification requirements.

Manage Transaction Flow

PAYware Link enables retailers to implement a global payment strategy by removing the complexity of payment integration and transaction management in a POS system, and by managing the payment business logic and transaction flow based on card scheme, vertical market requirements, and regional variations. By providing a single, global interface for payments, this unique integration tool also shelters retailers from fragmented industry security standards and certification requirements.

Simple Interface

With a simple POS interface based on an open XML standard, PAYware Link manages all payment devices, software, and services to create a consolidated transaction processing environment. This includes PIN pads, POS devices, unattended/mobile systems, and peripheral devices such as displays, printers, and keyboards (often required to interact with users and customers).

Fits into your Business

PAYware Link makes it easy to add new card schemes without major changes to the POS, and it also supports market-specific requirements like pay-at-the-table or pay-at-the-pump.