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Secure and Reliable Verification


Verifone offers an optional biometric reader on the VX 520 which simplifies the use of biometric data for secure user identification and authentication. The reader is easy to use and install, providing flexible payment options for customers and merchants.

Wherever Strong Identification is Required

Connected to the proven Verifone VX 520, our biometric sensor provides improved security and efficiencies for identity management, ID verification or cardholder authentication.

An Additional CVM

Biometrics can be used in a variety of environments: when significant amounts are at stake it can be used as an additional card verification method to reduce fraud.

Reach the Unbanked

Unbanked frequently do not have or do not carry proper government-issued credentials. In some cases they may also struggle with literacy, making it difficult to read, understand and sign a contract. Without a consistent form of identification, the verification process takes time, frequently frustrating customers as well as the bank. Biometric solutions solve this problem by providing a reliable and secure identification method while allowing the unbanked to achieve financial inclusion.