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Mobile Wallets & NFC

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Mobile Wallets & NFC

Any Wallet or App

Whatever app, wallet or phone a consumer brings into the store, with Verifone’s suite of tools, you’re ensured seamless transactions at the point of sale.

Offers and Loyalty

Easily integrate all value-added apps, mobile coupons, offers, loyalty, promotions and marketing without compromising security.

Get Ready

Verifone solutions are your source for bridging mobile commerce and retail payment. Verifone devices enable NFC acceptance and can be managed at the POS or in the cloud.

Mobile Wallets & NFC

Mobile Components

NFC App Manager

FlexibilityVerifone’s NFC App Manager is a flexible platform specifically created to support the mobile commerce revolution.
ControlAdd and delete apps with total confidence. Verifone’s App Manager gives you total control.
AcceptanceVerifone offers the complete infrastructure to easily manage the acceptance side of NFC Mobile Commerce.
EaseEnable seamless transactions for any wallet, app or program. Support them all on Verifone’s NFC-capable suite of devices.

Estate Management

Centrally ManagedWith Verifone HQ you’ll have a centralized platform to manage multiple devices.
Remote ControlKeep business moving with remote app management, key loading and diagnostics.
SmarterMeet consumer demand with Open API. Now a customer’s smart phone is aligned with even smarter merchant systems.
RelaxEnjoy invaluable peace of mind from the world leader in secure payment technology.
SimpleNFC compatibility made easy. Open API facilitates seamless integration.
AcceptanceVerifone’s Open API common interface standards ensure value-added data flows seamlessly through merchant systems.
OptionsStandard API enables a wide range of integration scenarios, depending on merchant need.

Payment Enabled Media

Endless OpportunityGenerate a boost in revenue by delivering rich, relevant media content at the POS.
Cutting EdgePAYMEDIA supports the latest technology in the marketplace, today and tomorrow.
FlexibleAdaptable to individual retailer needs, PAYMEDIA offers tailored solutions.