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Payment-Enabled Media

Engage Customers, Grow Revenue

Payment-Enabled Media


Our payment-enabled media solutions give you the power to engage, not merely transact. As features and apps evolve, you have control over, and access to, new technology. Future-proof engagement at the point of sale.


The paradigm shift in multimedia point of sale technology makes the point of engagement a two-way interaction with your customers. Equip them with vouchers to redeem by phone, make them aware of timely promotions and more.

Intelligent Checkout

This flexible solution blends payment with online payment-enabled media and value-added services. Combine with integrated multimedia POS systems to add value to every point of consumer contact.

Payment-Enabled Media Solutions


MNOsPAYMEDIA Universal Acceptance Platform enables MNOs to manage the complexities of mobile commerce and enable the acceptance of your mobile wallet at merchant systems. Our NFC mobile commerce solutions provide a complete set of tools to manage the acceptance side of payments.
TaxiEquip licensed taxis with secure, advanced payment processing, passenger information and entertainment for an enhanced multimedia POS experience.

Content Providers

Media PartnersInform and entertain a captive audience and build your media brand.
VNETBuild brand awareness and make a lasting impression by leveraging our digital media system to enhance the customer experience with engaging video or advertising. Learn More »
AdvertisersReach a captive audience with Verifone’s digital network (VNET). Use Geotargeting to customise your message. Learn More »

Universal Acceptance Platform

Closing the LoopPAYMEDIA UAP closes the loop between wallet providers and merchants, providing MNO's and wallet providers with everything they need to deliver the benefits of advanced mobile payment, promotions and voucher applications to millions of consumers and merchants worldwide.
Acceptance Platform No matter what wallet app or program a consumer brings to a store, Verifone enables a seamless transaction at the point of sale.
Loyalty Apps and Mobile WalletsWe enable the latest NFC apps, mobile vouchers, loyalty and promotions to flow easily through merchant systems and acceptance networks.